A Few of our Favorite Things : Veronica

We would like to welcome Veronica to the Paris Market team! Although Veronica has been with us for several months now, we still want to extend the warmest Paris Market welcome we can to let her know how happy we are to have her on board! When she's not busy working at the store, or attending class, you can find Veronica making wonderfully unique and beautiful work in her studio. Currently pursuing an M.F.A in painting at SCAD, Veronica incorporates elements of nature into her paintings and sculptures, which immediately caught our attention the moment we saw her work in person. Veronica always manages to make work more fun and her great attitude continues to inspire us all. We've been anxious to learn her favorite things for quite some time, so we're especially excited to see what she has to share! Be sure to check out some of Veronica's amazing work on her website!

1. Relic in Glass Dome | 2. FOUND Jewelry Horn Necklace | 3. A good cup of coffee | 4. Jaw Bone | 5. Tocca Scrub and Fresh Lip Treatment 
 6. Vintage Children's Pop Guns | 7. Sower of Discord by Marcel Dzama

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